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UPS Retrofit Finance Program

UPS Retrofit Finance Program

Our technologies are driving industry advancements
UPS Retrofit Finance Program

Flexible finance solutions for owner / operators offering energy efficiency and savings.



Cash Flow Management

Financing terms can be structured to exceed the project payback period, resulting in positive cash flow as early as the first month.

Optimize Working Capital

Free up cash to invest in your business by avoiding the upfront capital outlay.

Total Invoice Financing

Your UPS solution equipment, installation costs, and maintenance can be combined into one fixed monthly payment.

Custom Structures and Flexibility

In certain circumstances, we can offer tailored payment options to meet your budget.

Online Payments and Account Management

Through MyAccounts, you can schedule payments, view invoices, and make inquires with the click of a mouse.


Monthly savings can be built to exceed financing payments
GE Capital Example: Financing Quote
Net investment amount *     $ 509,000
Annual energy & savings     $ 141,000
Simple payback period       3.6 yrs.



Cash Flow Analysis

Finance period 5 yrs.    
Monthly cost savings: $ 11,750
Monthly loan payment: $ (10,200)
Monthly cost savings: $ 1,550
Project total cost savings during term: $ 93,000