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United Kingdom

AF-700 FP – Fan & Pump AC Variable Speed Drives

Save Time, Energy, Money

The large increase in global energy costs and legislation related to the industrial production of CO2 gases, the need to reduce energy consumption has never been greater. The AF-700 FP is the new Fan and Pump application drive. Available in IP20, IP55 and IP66, built-in EMC Filter class B (C1) and user friendly para-meter configuration through its fixed keypad with OLED display.

AF-700 FP can be used with environmental sensors to reduce pump or fan speed in air handling or pumping applications without compromising the required output of the system. Built-in Modbus-RTU and BACnet MS/TP communication provides ready integration with industrial network systems.

Available Models: CE UL ULc
•   Single-phase, 230Vac, from 0.75 to 2,2kW
•   Three-phase, 230Vac, from 0.75 to 22kW
•   Three-phase, 400Vac, from 0.75 to 250kW
•   Three-phase, 600Vac, from 0.75 to 110kW

Features & Benefits

  •  Sensorless Vector Control for all Motor Types
  •  Suitable with IE2, IE3 & IE4 motors
  •  Dedicated features for HVAC and Water applications
  •  OLED Multi Language Display
  •  Built-in EMC (RFI) Filter class B (C1) (disconnectable)
  •  Reduced Harmonic Distortion (THDi) (according EN 61000-3-12)
  •  Safe Torque Off (STO) input as standard
  •  Local Mains Switch for unit sizes 4 and 5 (15 to 45kW @ 400Vac)
  •  Bluetooth connectivity (optional)
  •  Built-in Modbus RTU and BACnet communication
  •  Conformal Coating as standard
  •  Optional communication modules: Profibus, Profinet, EtherCat, BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and DeviceNet
  •  Better heat management with panel through kits
  •  Easy to use PC software


Dedicated Applications 

  •  Fan: HVAC, cooling towers, VAV, supply and return, exhaust, fume hood, make-up air, induced and forced draft, furnace temperature control.
  •  Pump: Chilled water, pressure boosting, cooling tower, wastewater, chiller, irrigation, hydro-storage.