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AF-70 LP – Micro AC Variable Speed Drives

Save Time, Energy, Money

The Micro Drive AF-70 LP is a compact but powerful and easy to use AC variable frequency drive. Available in both IP20 and IP66, its simple mounting with its basic parameter configuration, make this drive ideal for fans, pumps, and conveyor applications. Simple commissioning, user-friendly keypad control, AF-70 LP includes EMC (RFI) Filter class B (C1), application macros with in addition built-in Modbus-RTU and CANopen communication and built-in Brake chopper for 1.5kW and above.


Available Models: CE UL ULc
•   Single-phase, 230Vac, from 0.37 to 4kW
•   Three-phase, 230Vac, from 0.37 to 11kW
•   Three-phase, 400Vac, from 0.75 to 22kW

Features & Benefits

  •  Sensorless Vector Control for all Motor Types
  •  Precise and reliable control for IE2, IE3 & IE4 motors
  •  For Constant or Variable Torque applications
  •  Built-in EMC (RFI) Filter class B (C1) (disconnectable)
  •  PI control
  •  Dynamic braking chopper from 1,5kW and above
  •  Dual analogue inputs
  •  Operates up to 50°C, without derating
  •  Bluetooth connectivity (optional)
  •  Built-in Modbus RTU and CANopen communication
  •  Conformal Coating as standard
  •  Fan & Pump functionalities such as Flying Start and Fire Override
  •  Easy to use PC software

Typical Applications

  •  Conveyors
  •  Mixers
  •  Mills
  •  Fans such as air curtains, extractors, air handling units
  •  Pumps such as transfer pumps, dosing pumps
  •  Swimming pools, Spas, Fountains