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Panel Builder
Partnership + Capabilities = Growth

Panel Builder

GE is continuously developing the Low Voltage & Medium Voltage business and associated products and solutions that serve the needs of Panel Builders around the globe. Panel builders are not just channel to market for GE, they are more an integral part of GE existence in these markets.


Real Partnership

Today in more than 40 countries, GE is fully engaged with panel builder partners providing them with latest technology know how transfer and enhancing their competitive position in related markets.

Exceling Partners’ Capabilities

GE legacy in operational excellence is available for panel builders to be more capable and competitive.

Growth Driven

With high retention level of partners that are increasing annually, GE Panel Builders’ Programs are tailored to different business models with global approach and local focus to grow through customers’ needs care.


GE Industrial Solutions - EPLAN

Discover the full GE range in EPLAN

The full range in distribution, protection and control products available in EPLAN.

3D TraceParts

In response to an ever increasing demand from designers and engineers within the electrical market, GE Industrial Solutions decided to publish CAD models of many GE products in many CAD formats. These can be download in the online 3D TraceParts portal.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Files

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Files

Downloadable BIM files for Autodesk® Revit® MEP. BIM models from GE bring seamless integration to your building plan.

 Bob's Dilemma I-ZSI and WFR

Bob's Dilemma (I-ZSI and WFR)

Find out about "Bob's Dilemma" and how I-ZSI and Wave Form Recognition (WFR) technologies, available only from GE, solved his challenge to get simultaneous selective coordination and arc flash protection in his electrical system - Don't compromise on your next project - learn about the technology and product offerings that can solve your dilemma

New Product Introductions (NPI)

New Product Introductions (NPI)

See what is new and sign up for our NPI e-Brief Newsletter.