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Consumer Unit
Surface mounting

Consumer Unit - Surface mounting

Born out of the minds of installers throughout the UK, the new insulated consumer units from GE provide the perfect blend of quality, ease of installation and time saving features to ensure that they become the favourite with installers.


  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Flexible top or bottom door opening options
  • Generous wiring space
  • Door key locking
  • Opaque or transparent doors
  • Full plastic DIN rail
  • Colour coded terminals upto 25mm 2
  • Comprehensive 360 degree cable access
  • Quick release cover
  • Class leading base fixings


  • Insulated or metal main switch up to 100A
  • Insulated or metal RCCB main switch up to 80A
  • Insulated or metal split load 100A main switch and 80A 30mA RCCB
  • Insulated or metal time delayed RCCB split load 100A 100mA TD RCCB and 80A 30mA RCCB
  • Garage and shower units
  • Flush mounting kit for metal consumer units
  • Skeleton consumer units
  • Fix-o-Rail Cover – IP30 insulated enclosure
  • Fix-o-Rail Junior – IP40 insulated enclosure
  • Fix-o-Rail Metal – IP30 metal enclosure
  • Insulated design enclosures
  • Metal design enclosures

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