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Pulsar T - Time Relays


Time Relays can be used for conditioning of incoming source to exact predictable output.



From the delayed lighting of driveways (to avoid unneccessary on/off switching), to after-circulation of a pump (to build in some hysteresis, again to avoid continuous on/off switching) to the post-present ventilation of a meeting room.


  • Devices with delay on (ON), delay off (OFF), combined on-off-delay (ON/OFF), astable (AS), positive edge single shot (PS) negative edge single shot (NS) and even with all the above combined in one multi-function (MF) device are available. 
  • User presettable prescaler and time. 
  • In the case of the multi-function relay, the function itself is also user selectable. 
  • The loss-proof safety terminals are equipped with Pozidriv screws and have IP20 protection degree.


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