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Galax - Astronomical time switches

Pre-programmed switching of all kinds of electrical devices. Going from the pre-programmed switching of lighting (car park, advertising signs, public roads, etc.) over pre-programmed switching of heating equipment (home and work environment, water heating, etc.), to the pre-programmed switching of motors for pumps and fans and even to random presence simulation.



Pre-programmed switching of all kinds of electrical devices.


  • Very easy programming, with quasi unlimited possibilities compared to the analogue time switches.
  • Devices with daily, weekly and yearly event programming possibilities are available in 1, 2 up to 8 channel execution. 
  • All devices have a shortest switching time of one minute, some of them even one second, and are all internally quartz-synchronized, some of them with the possibility of being DCF77-synchronized.
  • On all devices, the summer/winter time change is fully automatic.
  • Devices with block-programming, holiday, random and impulse-function are available.
  • Manual On or Off override is ­possible at all times and all devices are ­sealable.
  • ASTRO timers are specially designed for lighting applications. Only the longitude and latitude need to be entered for precice automatic determination of the times for sunrise and sunset.

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