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HabiTEQ components - intelligent building control system

In comparison with classic electrical installations, the HabiTEQ* intelligent building control system offers noticeable advantages.

All the different functional subsystems within your living space are seamlessly integrated via a 2-wire BUS connection to a single communicating system, controlled by a powerful central controller. This enables the optimal, energy efficient interaction of the sub-systems, which is almost impossible with conventional technology.
The system allows a large number of interactive functions to be realized, including:
  • Lighting control
  • Heating/ventilation control
  • Climate control
  • Shutter control
  • Safety monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Central automation


  • Automation modules
  • System Controllers
  • Relay modules, Universal load actuators
  • Dimmer modules
  • Input modules
  • Communication interfaces
  • System visualisation
  • Sensors -Motion & light Indoor
  • Smart Switches
  • PIR and dual sensors for presence - interface through Input module
  • Safety sensors - Interface thorugh input module or stand alone
  • Door or Window contacts - Connected to input module
  • Siren or buzzers - To be triggerd with relay module
  • Panic buttons
  • IP camera for interface with Home center 10.2" touch panel via Wi-Fi
  • Third party accessories

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