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Electric Vehicle Charger

DuraStation - Electric Vehicle Charger

With the DuraStation*, GE continues a century of innovation in the design and manufacturing of electrical distribution systems.


GE’s DuraStation* enables fast AC charging at home and on the road. The modular design makes each station future proof, allowing customers to easily upgrade as more communication options become available. This allows customers to stay current with the latest technology in a rapidly changing space. 


Fast charging 

  • The DuraStation* offers fast charging which is capable of reducing charge time from 6-8 hours to 1-2 hours with service needs of 400Vac at 32A, assuming a 24kWh battery and a full-cycle charge. 


Smart identification 

  • The DuraStation* offers wireless identification with smartcards for charging authorization. Driver profiles and transactions are managed by the EV100 software application. 



  • The DuraStation* is equipped with a type 2 socket with a pilot and proximity contact as per IEC 62196. As a consequence, the charging station enables safe and smart mode 3 charging as per IEC 61851. 


Future proof 

  • The modular design allows easy upgrades as needs change and more options become available. The DuraStation* has been designed to support remote payment and identification services. 



  • With the DuraStation*, GE builds on a century of innovation in designing and manufacturing electrical distribution systems.

DuraStation* Selection Guide

Compact pedestal
  • Essential for parking lots and sidewalks so users can easily access charging stations while in their parking spaces.
  • Back-to-back pedestal
  • Offers two charging stations occupying the space of one. This mounting option allows two drivers to charge simultaneously at one charging station.
Wall mounting
  • Offers a solution for areas with limited floor space. Parking garages will be able to install wall mounted units to provide drivers with the ability to charge while parked.
  • Pole mounting
  • Is perfect for scenarios where restrictive sidewalk space calls for alternative solutions. As a result GE offers a charging station that can be mounted on a lamppost or any other structure.
Standard features:
  • The socket satisfies mode 3 charging standards, and is optionally equipped with an interlock mechanism
  • User friendly interface 
  • LED light to display charger status: 
    - Green: Station active 
    - Blinking Green: Vehicle connected, but not charging
    - Yellow: Charging 
    - Red: Fault occurred
  • Residual current protection and auto reclosure
  • Vehicle ground monitoring circuit


Electric Vehicle Charger DuraStation selection guide

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