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Industrial Solutions
Advanced technologies that protect and control the distribution of electricity throughout a facility's infrastructure

About us

About Us

A GE heritage business, Industrial Solutions' story starts 130 years ago with GE's founder, Thomas Edison. Today, Industrial Solutions' engineers and employees embody his entrepreneurial spirit to create innovative, end-to-end product and service solutions. We enable customers in more than 60 countries, across various industries, to overcome their electrical distribution and power challenges.



Global Talent Network of 13,500 of Employees

We deliver advanced technologies that touch all parts of the electrical infrastructure - from the substation, to a facility's critical equipment, and all the power technologies in between. Our engagement with customers starts at the design stage, advances through product installation and continues with ongoing service offerings designed to optimize the lifecycle of their equipment. The training, consulting and maintenance services that Industrial Solutions offers customers after installation enables them to get the most from their electrical and power systems.


From remote mines and oilfields to mission critical datacenters and hospitals - Industrial Solutions' advanced electrical distribution technologies and services have yielded significant financial savings for customers in the form of prevented unplanned downtime, increased energy efficiency and improved productivity.          



Thomas Edison

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GE Industrial Solutions LEADS

Leading the Future of Electrification...
Industrial Solutions is leading the future of electrification by committing to technologies that will help create a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient global electrical infrastructure.
Expanding globally...
Industrial Solutions is expanding its efforts to forge strong relationships with customers around the globe, invest in innovative ideas, and commit to energy-efficient technologies.
Addressing customer challenges...
Industrial Solutions is addressing customer challenges in the marketplace by providing tools to increase productivity and total systems solutions.
Demonstrating investment and commitment...
Industrial Solutions is demonstrating investment and commitment in people, in technology, and in multiple industries to deliver solutions to meet customer needs.
Solving customer issues now...
Industrial Solutions is solving customer issues by working every day according to our original mission: Recognize today's challenges and help to solve them.





We Are Investing Now People
We are building expertise to better serve our customers
  • New, highly experienced leadership team
  • More specification and design engineers
  • More salespeople in Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Dedicated vertical marketing team - Domain expertise - Industry center of excellence Technology
We are innovating solutions to customer challenges:
  • Increased spending on R&D
  • Many new products and services launched in Europe, Middle East & Africa over the last years